Reiki is a form of energy healing. The word, when translated from the Japanese language, means “universal life force”. As an attuned practitioner, I channel this energy onto a client, to encourage emotional and/or physical self-healing. The client rests in a comfortable position – usually lying down – and I place my hands on or near different areas of the body. Each individual person experiences different sensations, for example, warmth or tingling, but all reach a calm state of well-being. This parasympathetic state is when cellular healing takes place. 


My services are currently available to residents of North Greenwich Peninsula, London, UK. Treatments take place in the comfort of the client’s home.



This gentle, non-invasive treatment utilises reiki energy healing only.

Full Body – 60 minutes: £50



For clients needing a physical, mental and spiritual pause and/or reset. This treatment includes reiki energy healing in addition to a body alignment assessment, deep muscle release, and relaxing holistic massage.

Full Body – 60 minutes: £70

Full Body – 90 minutes: £100


To book a session, enquire about individual requests and block booking discounts, please contact me on 07874748410 or


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