massage therapy

Massage therapy is the manual manipulation of soft body tissue; muscles, blood vessels, nerves and tendons. The client rests on a massage table or chair and I, the therapist, apply different techniques – using my thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows or forearms – to different areas of the body with varying pressure. A massage treatment can re-energise the body, restore vitality, reduce stress, promote self-healing, relax tired muscles, reduce pain, aid digestion, alleviate joint problems, help lower blood pressure and more. 

My services are currently available to residents of North Green Peninsula, London, UK. Treatments take place in the comfort of the clients home.


Ideal for clients who have mild aches and pains, and who want to destress. This spa-like Swedish massage incorporates oil and is performed alongside music to soothe and transport the body and mind to total relaxation.

Full Body – 60 minutes: £50 

Full Body – 90 minutes: £80 

Head, Neck and Shoulders – 30 minutes: £25 


Ideal for clients suffering with pain or discomfort. This treatment – akin to a deep tissue massage – includes an initial body alignment assessment and deep muscle release before a holistic massage.

Full Body – 60 minutes: £60

Full Body – 90 minutes: £90


Ideal for clients needing a physical, mental and spiritual pause and/or reset. This treatment includes reiki energy healing in addition to a body alignment assessment, deep muscle release, and relaxing holistic massage. 

Full Body – 60 minutes: £70

Full Body – 90 minutes: £100


The prenatal or postnatal massage for mum who is lying on her side. This treatment helps to promote a healthy pregnancy, prepare the body and mind for childbirth, and to aid a smooth recovery. 

Full Body – 60 minutes: £50

Full Body – 90 minutes: £80


To book a session, enquire about individual requests and block booking discounts, please contact me on 07874748410 or


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