…Release Negativity…

“Danni is an incredible healer. I was going through a tough time, and through her healing, Danni was able to help me pause and be calm. Danni gave me an incredibly soothing experience and I really felt a connection to her practice. I left the session feeling lighter and still. Thank you so much Danni!” – Holly

“I was truly amazed by the power of Danni’s calm and gentle technique. It felt like the energies of two people communicating, which magically created a soothing warmth within me. During the treatment, I realised that each part of the body stores its own memory; when you take the time to feel the vibration, you can release some of their pain – Danni did just that.” – Bai

“Danni’s tranquil session helped me and my body feel truly relaxed and centered. I came out of the treatment feeling much more at peace than when I went in.” – Grace

…Gain Greater Sense of Self…

“I felt calmed and reassured by Danni’s caring and tentative approach. Her technique soothed and nurtured my mind, body and soul. After the treatment, I felt very relaxed and had a sense of ease within myself.” – Amy

My reiki session with Danni was very relaxing and mind settling – it was also non-intrusive. At the end of the session, my body felt more balanced and I felt I had greater body awareness.” – Yvonne

“My young son and I have received several treatments from Danni now, and they have all been very helpful and positive. I feel they really make a difference to our wellbeing and can’t recommend her enough.” – Jess

…Receive Maternal Care…

“During my pregnancy, I had a stressful situation of placenta previa and bleedings. Danni’s treatments helped me to relax, to connect to myself, to reduce my stress levels and to believe that the body can heal itself on deeper levels. Danni is patient and respectful, and can easily feel and understand the aspects that require treatment. I experienced the return of my strength in heat flow and was able to regain balance of my situation. My baby – who also enjoyed the treatments in utero – was born healthy and the placenta previa was resolved at 39 weeks.” – Jenneke

“I received a treatment from Danni when I was pregnant and pretty stressed! It was my first time experiencing reiki and it was great. Very relaxing and perfect for de-stressing. I even fell asleep, which is rare for me during treatments. Danni is also really lovely and very professional.” – Lou