massage therapy

…Be Cared For…

Danni’s massage took me to a whole different level of relaxation. I get a lot of tension in my shoulders and literally felt like a new person after the massage. In addition to her amazing massage skills, she is extremely professional and friendly. Everything was perfect and I can’t wait for the next massage. Highly recommended.” – Federica

“Danni was really considerate – she frequently checked in on how I was. The pressure was excellent. The massage was very relaxing. I would love a repeat!” – Alice

“It was amazing! I felt so relaxed. I like that Danni spent enough time while massaging – not massaging too quickly. Another thing I loved was her warm hands.” – Rie

“I was feeling physically exhausted before the massage and the treatment gently helped me. Danni knew the level of pressure I am comfortable with, and it gave me confidence that I’m in safe hands. I believe massage is not just a technique but care and chemistry between the therapist and client!” – Jandi

…Rest Well…

“I really enjoyed Danni’s massage. The pressure was perfect. I really appreciate the extra time she took on my upper back. It felt very comfortable and relaxing. I felt very calm afterwards. Thumbs up! Thank you!“- Juan

“I really enjoyed the massage and would have it again. The first massage made me sleep better so again, this second one will also help me sleep better.” – Linda

“Excellent massage. I fell asleep!”– Alberto

…Pain Relief…

“I felt Danni knew exactly the right level of pressure for the right spots. In particular, I had a pain under my right arm/rib cage before the massage. After the massage, I felt 80% back to normal.” – Jandi

“I had a lot of pressure on my shoulders – it’s where I have a lot of tension. I didn’t mention this before the massage, but it was well picked up by Danni.” – Edwin

“The ache on my neck, which has been there for years, has gone! Thank you so much for that. It’s much appreciated.” – Mavis