I am a mother to two boys (or three, if you include my husband – joke!).

After my eldest child was born, I had a pain in my hand that was only relieved by massage therapy. When I got home, I read on social media groups that this pain is common and experienced by many new mothers. The difference was, they were given pain killers and/or wearing splints and were just getting by – because mothers still have to carry on no matter what the weather. I knew it didn’t have to be this way. That was the moment I decided to become a massage therapist for mothers.

I believe the health of the mother is central to the health of the family. With my training in Massage Therapy (ITEC Level 3 Diploma and Pregnancy Massage) and Reiki (Usui Level 2), I help “Mother the Mother”; from the prenatal pregnancy stage to postnatal and beyond.

Let me be part of your self-care, your preventative care; to take away your aches and pains so you can feel restored and revitalised – ready to get back to your role of caring and providing for your loved ones.

Please enquire at ‘mail@danni-l.com’