Mimicking how the skin or peel of a grape, coconut and orange protects its internal matter, WikiCells are self-contained, edible forms of packaging enclosing liquids, mousses and emulsions.

Invented by Harvard professor David Edwards and industrial designer Francois Azambourg, WikiCells can be held in the hand, eaten like an apple or poked with a straw and therefore eliminate the need for additional plastic or paper packaging. Foods such as yoghurt, fruit juice or thick pudding are wrapped in a soft, nutritional membrane made from vegetal elements – ingredients include small pieces of chocolate, dried fruit, nuts or seeds – with a taste paired to match its contents.

The first commercial product is the Wiki ice cream, protected by a hard chocolate shell and served in an all bagasse container made from sugar cane, it will be available from experimental culinary Lab Store Paris this Autumn.

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