Tesco Homeplus Virtual Supermarket

In an attempt to increase market share, the Korean branch of British supermarket brand Tesco (renamed Homeplus for the new market) worked with advertising agency Cheil, to launch a virtual grocery store within a South Korean subway station that allowed users to shop using QR codes. Installed in the station was a large, wall-length billboard, […]

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Meal Planning Solution kiosk

Apparently, the average person has the recipe of only 10 meals up their sleeve and 77% of grocery shoppers don’t know what they’re making for their next meal. Leveraging on these facts, Kraft Foods demonstrates a kiosk that uses facial recognition technology to offer meal suggestions. Designed to be located in supermarkets, the “Meal Planning […]

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Tesco’s Beauty Services

As part of its drive into the health and beauty sector, British supermarket chain, Tesco plan to launch a concept for in-store nail and hair services, in at least 70 stores by 2012. Could JWT Intelligence have hit a nail on it’s head? Source: BrandRepublic

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