Elevated Bench

This is a sweet project. Israeli designer Itay Ohaly provides a new perspective on city streets, as well as a private space for conversation. Public benches are constructed at the top of spiral staircases that climb streetlight poles and could be adapted to exterior walls. Source: DesignBoom

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Magnets Pulling Creatives Together

Yesterday I was reminded of Richard Florida‘s work. I had previously read his book, Who’s Your City, which defines the characteristics of selected ‘creative hubs’, through the realisation that likeminded creative people (aka the creative class) unconsciously gather, live and work in one location. He has since done a piece called Unleashing the Creative Economic Revolution, and […]

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Puma Social’s After Hours Athlete

Honouring the art of late night, social sports, Puma Social’s After Hours Athlete campaign hosted a portable nine-hole golf course at the Roller Warehouse, Sydney. Created by Right Angle Studio – in collaboration with Australian graphic designers Rinzen, Darcel Disappoints, and Tin & Ed – each hole was based on late night themes, such as […]

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Hermès Silky Net Café

As I mentioned on a tweet; luxury French fashion brand Hermès has been busy, with a new Paris store, a finger-boarding video, a pop-up scarf store and the ‘Kellydescope‘. Well, last night I had the privilege of being part of Hermes’ initiatives and attended the exclusive cocktail launch of Hermès Silky Net Café in Hong Kong. Said to bring […]

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More with Google

Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo has created a 30 second TV commercial for the campaign launch of ‘More with Google’ in Japan. Image search functions are made via ‘sort by colors’ and ‘similar images’ and in the commercial, users project selected results as image mapping. Source: Trendland

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Dolce & Gabbana have launched their first multi-brand store that supports and showcases emerging designers. Launched in September and situated on the Via Spiga in Milan, the concept store features the collections of 23 handpicked young designers, chosen from all over the world by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana themselves. Believed have a remarkable talent, […]

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Red Bull off the Planet

How often does a bunch of pro-skiers and snowboarders get to ski/board at night, on ramps that are rigged with an amazing interactive art installation? I’m thinking almost never. Created by Melbourne-based installation artists ENESS whose proprietary software mapped 3D visuals onto the snow and on the 21’ inflatable sphere, while riders were tracked via […]

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Multiuser Sketchpad

Perhaps helping with the artist’s version of writer’s block, the Multiuser Sketchpad uses the internet browser as a canvas for multiple users to draw simultaneously. Creating an outlet for artists (or novice doodlers) to share their ideas through sketching, users are assigned a handle (aka digital pencil) upon accessing the website. They can immediately begin […]

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3D Music Video

At first I really didn’t understand when I saw a link simply titled ‘3D music video’.  I thought perhaps I needed my 3D glasses to see what the fuss was about … so I turned to my friend Google. Turns out the video to Swedish pop star, Robyn’s song “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do” […]

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