Tesco Homeplus Virtual Supermarket

In an attempt to increase market share, the Korean branch of British supermarket brand Tesco (renamed Homeplus for the new market) worked with advertising agency Cheil, to launch a virtual grocery store within a South Korean subway station that allowed users to shop using QR codes. Installed in the station was a large, wall-length billboard, […]

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Greeky Festive Wrapping Paper

QRAPPING PAPER™ created by Justin Gignac has QR codes, and behind each code is an original holiday video that can’t be seen anywhere else. Meanwhile, Samsung is offering Tweetwrap, which allows users to create their own personalised wrapper paper with their favorite Twitter hashtags.

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Chipuya Town

During the commercial hype of Secondlife, many brands considered whether they should jump on the band wagon of holding presence and gaining from the virtual economy. However, just like entering any other new foreign market, planning and decisions must not be hastily made. Chipuya Town is a proposed virtual replica of Tokyo’s Shibuya shopping district, […]

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