24 Issey Miyake, Sapporo

The retail design concept for the Sapporo store of Issey Miyake’s 24 line is based on flexibility and modularity for frequently changing displays. Created by Japanese design agency, Moment Design, one hundred rectangular panels recessed into walls can be opened into provide display shelves for handbags, while poles can be inserted into discrete perforations for […]

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Prada ‘Made In’

Exploring fashion beyond it’s Italian borders, Prada has tapped into the talent of artisans working in specilaist factories around the world. This debuting collection includes kilts made in Scotland, shoes and bags made in India, jeans made in Japan and sweaters from Peru. Source: Luxury Culture

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More with Google

Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo has created a 30 second TV commercial for the campaign launch of ‘More with Google’ in Japan. Image search functions are made via ‘sort by colors’ and ‘similar images’ and in the commercial, users project selected results as image mapping. Source: Trendland

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BODW 2010 – Day 1

This year I’m lucky to be able to attend “Asia’s leading annual event on design, innovation and brands”, Business of Design Week (BODW). Each year BODW Hong Kong partners with another country and hosts an exchange of ideas, thoughts and insights between designers, architects, fashion personalities, creative visionaries and executives from international brands. The partner country […]

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Chinese Mega internet shopping mall

Baidu, China’s Internet search giant and Rakuten, the largest online shopping mall operator in Japan, has joined forces to invest in e-commerce site, Lekutian. Aiming to topple Taobao, the mainland’s current top online retailer, it has already signed up an initial 1,000 brands including large and small suppliers of apparel, fashion accessories, furniture, home electronics […]

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Smart architecture

Two concepts I recently came across reminded me of each other – both work with nature, especially wind power. The Dubai-based Dynamic Architecture project (where buildings rotate like strands of DNA) and the Tokyo Bay-based Pyramid (where 24 80-story skyscrapers could be suspended within, and people travel inside via the tubes). Source: TrendHunter and Gizmodo

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Chipuya Town

During the commercial hype of Secondlife, many brands considered whether they should jump on the band wagon of holding presence and gaining from the virtual economy. However, just like entering any other new foreign market, planning and decisions must not be hastily made. Chipuya Town is a proposed virtual replica of Tokyo’s Shibuya shopping district, […]

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