The Street Market Symphony

Celebrating the street market as a valuable part of Hong Kong’s cultural heritage, The Street Market Symphony is a multi-media art exhibition that challenges visitors to revisit the familiar everyday scene while highlighting unique features that may often be overlooked, such as hawker calls and stall signage. Housed in oversized iconic street market lamps, the […]

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Hong Kong’s Accomodation

Named as Asian’s World City, Hong Kong is seen as a developed, thriving, cosmopolitan, shopper’s paradise, and historically a former British Colony. But it can actually be rather backwards at times. When I first heard about the city’s cage homes, I really didn’t believe it, and today, this video shows a scarcastic take on another […]

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Cardboard Furniture

Serving Beijing and Shanghainese-style vegetarian and health-conscious cuisine, all the furniture and décor of Hong Kong restaurant Slim Taste is made or clad with brown cardboard. From tables, chairs, crockery, trays, light shades, wallpaper, cabinets and even curtains. Divided into two zones: ‘day’ features a hand-carved rainbow and clouds, and ‘night’ has moon-shaped lamps and […]

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Clean Air Network’s Art Auction

Enlisting the support of 40 artists and Sotheby’s auction house, Hong Kong’s anti-pollution campaign group, Clean Air Network will auction 51 works of art, each illustrating issues and problems like smog, waste, climate change and the destruction of natural habitats. Works include a pair of grey lungs (standing 83cm) by Chinese artist Ma Han – […]

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Brush with Fashion

Sometimes I make a habit of tweeting something, and only blogging it when I read/see it circulate again. Here’s an example; first launched in UK last November is The Body Shop and London College of Fashion make-up collaboration. Seemingly doing well, its due to be launched in Hong Kong on 10 February 2011. Titled Brush […]

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BODW 2010 – Day 1

This year I’m lucky to be able to attend “Asia’s leading annual event on design, innovation and brands”, Business of Design Week (BODW). Each year BODW Hong Kong partners with another country and hosts an exchange of ideas, thoughts and insights between designers, architects, fashion personalities, creative visionaries and executives from international brands. The partner country […]

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I popped to the main exhibition of this year’s Mircowave International New Media Arts Festival. Held at City Hall, Hong Kong until 5th December 2010, it consists of seven exhibits and therefore doesn’t take long to appreciate – I thoroughly recommend! Here are my fave pieces: 52 Card Cinema: ’52 Card Psycho’ & ‘ARambo’ by Georrey […]

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Creative City x Neue showusyourtype

My friends over at design consultancy, Whitespace invited me to the opening event of a collaborative exhibition by Creative City– the first map of Hong Kong that is produced by and for those in the creative and design field – and Neue Showusyourtype, a tri-annual online magazine about cities and typography. The exhibition, held at the recently opened Savannah College of […]

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