More with Google

Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo has created a 30 second TV commercial for the campaign launch of ‘More with Google’ in Japan. Image search functions are made via ‘sort by colors’ and ‘similar images’ and in the commercial, users project selected results as image mapping. Source: Trendland

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MobArt: The Henna Warriors

Based in Hong Kong, MobArt is “an art gallery with a twist”. Rejecting the limitations of one physical venue, they utilise alternative spaces like restaurants, coffee shops and loungers to curate art shows. By being mobile, MobArt shows can pop up anywhere and everywhere in the city! Last night I had my first MobArt experience […]

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Pink Kisses

I love ideas created for niche markets. I feel the bravery to sidestep the masses deserves honorable mention! Texas-based Pink Kisses aims to “help women through heartbreak with all sorts of fabulous pick-me-ups”. Packages named “The Rockstar,” “The Vixen”, “The Goddess” and “The Diva” contain different surprises such as a variety of chocolates, flowers, virtual […]

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The 2 Bandits

A pair of well-crafted, adjustable fabric bands used to spruce up any pair of boots.  An ingenious idea inspired by a love of music, style and dancing.” – A teeny on the pricey side – ranging from $48 to $78/£30 to £50, but what a simple yet brilliant idea to alter and personalise the look […]

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