The Future of Credit Cards

The innovations shown in this video include: – a credit card by Dynamics Inc, which has an inbuilt computer, can store multiple accounts and be turned on and off for security – the Square app. is a ready-to-use payment system that allows SMEs to avoid costly merchant fees and contracts, simply by downloading and using […]

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I remember I wanted to get a botas as a souvenir, but only seeing the typically tan or black ones for sell in tourist shops, I wasn’t sure how long the liquor had been stewing in them. However, this is something more promising, Chicago-based WineBotas – the sole U.S. importer of iconic artisinal wine bags […]

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Greeky Festive Wrapping Paper

QRAPPING PAPER™ created by Justin Gignac has QR codes, and behind each code is an original holiday video that can’t be seen anywhere else. Meanwhile, Samsung is offering Tweetwrap, which allows users to create their own personalised wrapper paper with their favorite Twitter hashtags.

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iPhone DSLR

While others are shooting music videos entirely through the use of the iPhone 4, some are still not quite satisfied this function. Jeremy Salvador ‘hacked’ the lens of a (Nikon SLR and Canon EF) digital SLR camera and made it work on the iPhone. The result: the iPhone DSLR, a customized mounting system, in which […]

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BUG by Bug Labs

Wow, I didn’t see this coming; build-it-yourself (open-source) mobile phone. BUG By Bug Labs currently has four add-ons: “digital camera/video camer, colour LCD touchscreen, GPS and an accelerometer/motion sensor”. Looks a bit hefty when all the add-ons are attached, but definitely room for development! This comes on the heels of a recent conversation about mobile […]

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