Seabird by Mozilla Labs

Mozilla labs showcases their concept phone The Seabird. Crammed with lots of functions such as a 8.0MP camera, dual pico projectors, wireless charging and mini USB. I like the embedded Bluetooth/Infra-Red dongle that can be pulled out and used as a remote control to pan and zoom the screen. Source: Trendland

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Occult Jam

I love the work of Bompas & Parr – true experimenters and inventors of food-related experiences (they once created a walk-in cloud of breathable gin and tonic!). For an exhibition on Surrealism at London’s Barbican Art Gallery, they launched ‘Occult Jam’.  Turning the everyday, domestic pot of jam into a surreal object. Three flavours made with fruits […]

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Peak Bath

The Peak Bath is an eco-friendly concept designed by Lyndon Craig. Its shape fits the contours of the body and therefore accommodates the relevant amount of water as and where is needed the most. Source: Yanko Design and Treehugger

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With increasing health-related food worries (including too much salt consumption), the timing of the Kakujio couldn’t be better! Salt presented just like sugar cubes – in pre-measured dosages. Designed by De Meyboom Lab (Yasuhito Hirose and Ryohel Yoshiyuki), it was submitted for the Muji Award 02 competition where it won the Judge’s prize. This is […]

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Chocolate portable HDD

Yanko questions the realistic usability of this portable hard drive concept. Designed by Sang-Hoon Lee, the central hub is a touchscreen used to view and organise the collective files. If it were me, I would probably lose the individual flash drives!!

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