Creative Processes

I’ve just seen this AMAZING animation by SUMO Science at Aardman Animations, the team behind Wallace & Gromit. As I was watching, I wondered how they got the torch light to look like a real fire. It turns out it was real! I checked out the ‘Making Of’ video and turns out the entire thing was done using real props, a full-size boat on a beach with a real man as the main character – all shot with a Nokia N8 mobile phone (as part of its advert) posted on a cherry picker truck. The world’s largest stop-motion animation.

Source: Wired
Gaining a greater sense of appreciation for the project, I thought back to Sony Bravia‘s Bouncy Ball Ad, where thousands of coloured balls are tossed onto San Francisco’s roads. For both projects, why not just stick to CGI? A more cheaper method?

Experiencing the actual processes draws genuine emotions, feelings and I guess, unexpected surprises!

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