Retail meets with Mircosoft Kinect

Featured in PSFK’s Future of Retail report is the following two concepts that utilise Microsoft Kinect‘s gesture-tracking technology: “Fashion retailer Nordstrom created a digital window display at it’s Seattle flagship store that allowed pedestrains to virtually paint on the glass. The technology captured hand gestures and converted these actions into corresponding white streaks that appeared […]

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FitBot biorobotics company has modeled the female form with a robotic mannequin, FitBot, whose artificial muscles can simulate the shape and size of different (human) body types. Last year, in partnership with Hawes & Curtis, the company opened the first ‘virtual fitting room’ for online clothing retailers, featuring a male FitBot mannequin. Users submitted their […]

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Tesco Homeplus Virtual Supermarket

In an attempt to increase market share, the Korean branch of British supermarket brand Tesco (renamed Homeplus for the new market) worked with advertising agency Cheil, to launch a virtual grocery store within a South Korean subway station that allowed users to shop using QR codes. Installed in the station was a large, wall-length billboard, […]

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Race through Sydney’s Customs House

Forget AR, QR, Near-Field etc., bring back the overhead projector! Ok, advanced 3D projection technology….International digital advertising agency Muse Amsterdam, in collaboration with PostPanic and BeamSystems, brings to life a spine tingling show of Mattel’s Hot Wheels™ Skull Racers ultimate speed racing battle. The location; the facade of one of Australia’s most historic buildings, Sydney’s […]

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The Future of Credit Cards

The innovations shown in this video include: – a credit card by Dynamics Inc, which has an inbuilt computer, can store multiple accounts and be turned on and off for security – the Square app. is a ready-to-use payment system that allows SMEs to avoid costly merchant fees and contracts, simply by downloading and using […]

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Apple’s Mouse-less Keyboard

“Apple has patented a motion sensor-enabled keyboard that will allow users to navigate through the Mac OS without a separate mouse. The design uses four small cameras around the perimeter of the keyboard to track finger movements that would replace standard mouse gestures”. Source: PSFK

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3D Food Printer

A collaboration between Cornell’s Fab@Home research group and The French Culinary Institute comes the 3D Printer. Capable of producing edible designs, it can use any pliable ingredient such as pastes or gels to “print” food items into any shape and texture (as long as it can be designed on a computer screen). Source: CNN Money

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