I rarely talk music or the next big personality, but I just read about Blush, the World’s first pan-Asian girl band – I like “world’s firsts” and the word pan-Asian got me intrigued. Band members come from a diverse range of backgrounds; Alisha Budhrani, a 19-year-old Hongkonger of Indian descent, 21-year-old Angeli Flores from the […]

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Absolut Blank

In collaboration with New York’s ad agency TBWA\Chiat\Day, ABSOLUT VODKA has provided 18 artists with its iconic bottle as a blank canvas to fill with creativity. Representing a variety of disciplines – from drawing, painting and sculpting to print making, film making and digital art – are artworks that include light installations by UVA, cut-out […]

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Milk Yarn Fabric

Anke Domaske, a 28-year-old biologist and fashion designer from Germany has created clothes made from milk. Fibres are extracted from substandard milk that is usually thrown away and then used to manufacture milk yarn fabric without the use of any pesticides or chemicals. Apparently, the fabric has a silky feel, drapes well, and is cheaper […]

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Hong Kong’s Accomodation

Named as Asian’s World City, Hong Kong is seen as a developed, thriving, cosmopolitan, shopper’s paradise, and historically a former British Colony. But it can actually be rather backwards at times. When I first heard about the city’s cage homes, I really didn’t believe it, and today, this video shows a scarcastic take on another […]

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24 Issey Miyake, Sapporo

The retail design concept for the Sapporo store of Issey Miyake’s 24 line is based on flexibility and modularity for frequently changing displays. Created by Japanese design agency, Moment Design, one hundred rectangular panels recessed into walls can be opened into provide display shelves for handbags, while poles can be inserted into discrete perforations for […]

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Oxelo Skateboards in India

India and skating boarding? This beautiful video shows how….(I love the cultural references and the excitement from the locals). Will we be seeing Indian kids skating their way to schools? First off, are there enough paved roads? Credit: Oxelo Skateboards Source: ThreeBillion

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Flaminia Saccucci

Dubbed The Next Big Thing is this year’s winner of the L’Oreal Professional Young Talent Award, and Central St. Martin’s fashion graduate, Flaminia Saccucci. An Italian print specialist, Saccucci reinvents latex as she hand-painted tyre tracks and flowers onto PVC dresses. I can not stop starring at the impeccable technique; the seamless tyre tracks uniting […]

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